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Bringing the Season

November 22, 2016

Snow flew sideways most of the day!  But down in the workshop we were turning evergreens into holiday arrangements.  There are door baskets, table top planters, centerpieces and desk top decorations that can spruce up any space.  We’ll be fully set up and ready to go for this Friday – opening day!









The Littles











In Full Swing

November 14, 2016

img_7089It  may not feel like it outside. But it’s wreath season.  We’ve been picking, clipping, tying and clamping for days in the rush to bring customers the freshest wreaths possible.  We use a collection of native materials, from winterberry to white pine, from balsam fir to red cedar – to bring a unique look that you won’t find in stores.  We hope you enjoy them!


November at the Tree Farm

November 10, 2016

november-at-maple-hollow-farmNovember brings the bustle. Gathering wreath greens, cutting winterberry,  putting the final touches on the Christmas shop.  But amidst the pace of all the preparation, November offers up scenes of stillness too.  A field of frosted trees in the morning. The last warmth of a low sun.  An empty lot on a quiet afternoon.

We crave those spare moments, however brief, to remind ourselves what the upcoming season is all about.


What a Long Dry Trip it’s Been

August 28, 2016

Young New Hartford Blue SpruceWe’ll spare you the gory details of the dry riverbeds, seedlings that didn’t make it and the days spent refreshing the radar in hopes that a pop up thunderstorm would swing our direction. What we can say is we have been luckier than some other farms, in that a few miraculous rain events provided inches of water at the most critical of times.  But between those rare occasions were a lot of long, hot days in the sun, watering trees one by one, dragging hundreds of feet of hose through the fields.

Thankfully, evergreens are hardier than most. Despite the drought, the firs are heading into September with the deep green you expect come December.  The spruces are silver and blue.  We’ll continue to care for the most vulnerable trees as this driest of dry seasons lingers on.  In the meantime – pray for rain.

Closed for the Season

December 18, 2015

It’s not every year we sell trees in t-shirts! Yes, the 2015 Christmas tree season will be one to remember. Our customers are simply the best!  We cannot provide enough thanks for including our farm in your tradition, for coming out all smiles and fun to enjoy that hunt for the perfect tree.

We’re going to enjoy these last days before Christmas, spend time with family, and think about how much we’re looking forward to making next year even better!

Merry Christmas!_DSC5088

Silver Start

December 6, 2015

After a frosty morning walk we found there are some beautiful trees still standing. At the back of the far field, the adventurous will find some blue spruce that have been passed by unnoticed by many! And Just below the parking area, right under your nose are fantastic fir trees. We have another beautiful day on tap and plenty of wreaths and holiday arrangements we made fresh this week! Stop by and join us for another great December day!


We are thankful…

November 27, 2015

…for friends, family, and a good growing season.  Looking forward to seeing you all this weekend!photo-28

Evergreen Season

November 24, 2015


When the sun is low and the foliage falls, the greens and blues of spruce and fir are a welcome sight. And that means wreath season!  Made with fresh ingredients and unique materials, each is a unique expression of the season.

wreath with flower

Maple Hollow Mixed Wreath

Handmade Maple Hollow Farm Wreath

Bring Home More of the Farm!

November 23, 2015

IMG_0476In the lead up to our opening day on November 27th we have been hard at work hand making a variety of holiday wall baskets, porch pots and table arrangements.  We match unique baskets and containers with the freshest materials so you can deck the halls with the sights and smells of the season.

Unlike the big retail outlets, our arrangements don’t arrive on a semi truck.  We harvest the majority of our materials from the farm and carefully source the rest.  Using fraser fir, fresh cut winterberry, cedar, juniper and pine – we make each arrangement to be like taking a walk on the farm.





Kinda Blue

September 18, 2015

Actually – the blue spruce this year are really blue – practically glowing blue!  But it was too good to pass up a Miles Davis reference 😉  For 2015, we have an abundance of Colorado blue spruce that are anywhere from 6 – 10 feet tall.  They hold their needles well, you can practically hang lead weights from their branches and they really know how to light up a room.  We’ve been kicking ourselves for not entering one in the Big – E this year for judging, but then again, it only means there there’s a chance it will be there for you when you come by this December!






Blue Spruce