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Our Story


Brothers Jim and Pete planted their first trees at Maple Hollow Farm in 1976, making it one of the early Christmas tree farms in New Hartford’s landscape.  Tucked against Yellow Mountain in the the fertile Nepaug River valley, our farm is surrounded by forested hills and lazy creeks. Cleared of rocks long ago, the flat river bottom soils made it perfect for potato farming in the mid-twentieth century.  Today the classic New England feel persists. From forests of maple and shagbark hickory to stone walls painted blue and green with lichen, Maple Hollow Farm has been offering familes a place to follow traditions for over 30 years.



– Find your place on the planet – dig in – and take responsibility from there. –

Gary Snyder


Our Land Ehic

Every year we increasingly rely on the health of our land for our livelihood.  It is why we have made sustainability a high priority in all of our operations.

Having received technical support through the Natural Resource Conservation Service’s Wildlife Habitat Incentive Program, we were able to restore an eroding section of the Nepaug River in the summer of 2011 in exchange for managing a portion of our fields for Bobolink, a songbird declining in numbers throughout southern New England.

In addition to managing habitat, we employ an Integrated Pest Management strategy, using a range of pest control options to keep our fields in balance. We rely heavily on mowing in between the rows of Christmas trees rather than spraying herbicides. It is our belief that the low spray strategy preserves healthy fields of beneficial insects to keep the real pests in check.


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  1. Dr Kendrick Hinton permalink
    November 30, 2019 11:33 am

    Thank you for the beautiful nature and trees me and my family love ur farm and look forward to coming again this year. My you and your family have a wonderful holiday and thanks for enlighten ours. Yours truly Dr Kendrick Hinton.

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