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What a Long Dry Trip it’s Been

August 28, 2016

Young New Hartford Blue SpruceWe’ll spare you the gory details of the dry riverbeds, seedlings that didn’t make it and the days spent refreshing the radar in hopes that a pop up thunderstorm would swing our direction. What we can say is we have been luckier than some other farms, in that a few miraculous rain events provided inches of water at the most critical of times.  But between those rare occasions were a lot of long, hot days in the sun, watering trees one by one, dragging hundreds of feet of hose through the fields.

Thankfully, evergreens are hardier than most. Despite the drought, the firs are heading into September with the deep green you expect come December.  The spruces are silver and blue.  We’ll continue to care for the most vulnerable trees as this driest of dry seasons lingers on.  In the meantime – pray for rain.

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